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O.E.M. "Tape Deck" Manufacturers NEVER Made their Own Belts !


Here are a few interesting Facts about Cassette Deck, R/R, and CD Player Manufacturers


1.   No Manufacturer of Cassette Decks, R/R, CD Players or Turntables, made their own Belts.


2.   All Machine Manufacturers Contract with a Belt Manufacturer, to supply them with their Belt Needs.


3.   The Belt Manufacturers provide belts made to the Machine Manufacturers Specifications. 


4.   The Machine Manufacturers place their Belt requirements out for bid or quote.


5.   In MOST cases, the Lowest Bidder wins the "Contract".


6.   Marrs is fortunate to have a relationship with one of these "O.E.M " Belt Manufacturers in Japan.


7.   Belt Manufacturers Only produce a fraction of what they did 20 to 25 years ago.


8.   Many Belt lengths, widths, and thicknesses, have already been Discontinued and are no

       longer being manufactured due to the "Lack of Sales".


       ( Have you attempted to purchase belts from the Manufacturer of your Tape Deck lately ? )


9.    Since Marrs has this relationship with this O.E.M. Factory, we can have any Size or Style

        of Belt Custom Manufactured.


10.  The Quality of my Belts is Second to None Guaranteed.


11.  Marrs Factory Belt Kits are Guaranteed to meet any Manufacturers published wow/flutter

       Specifications on YOUR Machine IF, your transport is fully Serviced.


12   Marrs Communications is the ONLY Belt Supplier that makes the Guarantee.


        Marrs offers a Product and Service not available from ANY other Source.

                     Custom Manufactured "Factory Belts" Made in Japan


References :


Steven Sank  *

* I have verified Marrs Belts meet Nakamichi Specifications and are Excellent. 

  Steven Sank was a direct employee of Nakamichi for many years.


Dear Marrs,

I tried a set of belts from you for my Nakamichi 680ZX, and they

were perfect.

I also tried kits from  "other suppliers ". The only belt in there kits

that fit, was the Capstan Belt and the W&F was way out of spec, about  .25% DIN, not acceptable.


I'm Sold !  You have the correct belts and it seems no one else does.

( Their kits did not include the idler tire )



Marrs is the ONLY Tape Deck Belt Seller in the USA , Offering

Custom Factory Belt Kits for "Many Brands".


Straight Talk,  Quality Belts,  1st Class Customer Service