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                                                      MARANTZ  PREMIUM CASSETTE BELTS

                                                                              MADE IN JAPAN

                                                                       LIFETIME GUARANTEE


                                                                Don't see your Model Number ?




MARANTZ * FACTORY CAPSTAN BELT ONLY                                   $31.00 ea  D9m


5000,   5015,   MCD-710,   MCD-810,   MCD-910,   SD-800,   SD-1000,

SD-1010,   SD-1015,   SD-1015R,   SD-1020,  SD-1810,   SD-3000,



* Factory Kits and Capstan Belts are Guaranteed to meet Marantz Published

wow/flutter Specifications on Your Machine _ IF, Your Transport is Fully Serviced.

Marrs is the Only Belt Supplier to make this Guarantee.


*** Performance Portion of Guarantee, Limited to 10 Years with Free Replacement, Less Shipping ***




CASSETTE KITS INCLUDE ALL BELTS                                                     $26.75


5000,   5010,   5010B,   5015,   5020,   5025,   5025B,


5030,   5030B,   5120,   5200,   5220,   5420


CD       CD-310,   CD-320,   CD-330,   CD-430   ( 3 Belts / 4 Belts )           $26.75


CX       CX-580                                                                  ( 2 Belts )             $23.25                 


MCD    MCD-710,   MCD-810,   MCD-910                        ( 3 Belts )             $23.75


PMD    PMD-22                                                                  ( 1 Belt )               $21.50



PMD   PMD-200,   PMD-201,   PMD-220,   PMD-221                                     $26.75

            PMD-222,   PMD-330,   PMD-331,  PMD-340


            PMD-360,   PMD-420,   PMD-430,   PMD-500u,


            PMD-510,   PMD-650 (Mini Disc)



            PMD-740 6 CHANNEL 4 TRACK MIXER                                          $26.75




SD SINGLE DECK KITS                                                                                $26.75


SD-53,   SD-55,   SD-62,   SD-72,   SD-74,   SD-142,


SD-220,   SD-221,   SD-225,   SD-230,   SD-240,   SD-242,   SD-243,  


SD-320,   SD-321,   SD-340,   SD-420,   SD-440,   SD-530,   SD-630,


SD-720,   SD-800,   SD-820,   SD-820 DBX,   SD-930,   SD-1000,   SD-1002



SD SINGLE DECK KITS                                                                                $26.75


SD-1010,   SD-1015,   SD-1015R,   SD-1020,   SD-1810,   SD-2030,


SD-3000,   SD-3020,   SD-3030,   SD-3510 H.L.   SD-4000,


SD-4020,   SD-5010 H.L.,    SD-6000,   SD-6020,   SD-8000,


SD-8020,   SD-9000,   SD-9020



SD DOUBLE DECK KITS                                                               BELTS FOR BOTH DECKS



SD-155,   SD-255,   SD-285,   SD-275,   SD-283,   SD-285,


SD-315,   SD-385,   SD-415,   SD-515,   SD-525,   SD-535,


SD-555,   SD-565,   SD-583,   SD-873,   SD-4050,   SD-4051 



MARANTZ 8-TRACK BELTS                                                                             $21.50

TDR-830          (2 Belts)                                                            



MARRS Provides the FRESHEST, _ Highest QUALITY, _ Longest LASTING,

Best FITTING Belts Available, from ANY Source, _ at ANY Price, _ GUARANTEED !


Straight Talk,  Quality Belts,  1st Class Customer Service.