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                                     STILL THE KING OF ALL CASSETTE DECKS.  THE NAKAMICHI ZX-9


                                Marrs Communications is " PayPal Secure "


Shipping Details


You will receive a "Payment Received" confirmation email when your Payment is Received.

This message is sent to the email address you have registered on your PayPal account.

All Communication with our customers is done using your PayPal email address.


Once your kit is Assembled and Packaged, ( Not Before ), you will receive your

Tracking Number using the email address you have registered on your PayPal account.


( This does Not mean your order mailed That Day ).

Allow a additional 1 to 5 Days for your Tracking Number to show on the USPS website.


A Estimate is just That, a Estimate.

Remember, Marrs Communications consist of 3 People Maximum.

We have over 1,200 Customers Worldwide and Receive approximately 150 email every Morning.



When making a Purchase

You Agree to a Ship Time Estimate Posted

on the Home Page of this Website

( See Shipping Details )





Why are we so Busy ?

We sell the Highest Quality Belts on Earth Guaranteed,

cover More Brands and Models than Any other Online Belt Seller,

and include a unmatched LIFETIME Guarantee.


( Factory Capstan Performance Guarantee Limited to 10 Years )


Largest Online Inventory in the U.S.A.



We accept Personal Checks, USPS Postal Money Orders,

PayPal and Square.

Payment using Personal Checks or USPS Money Orders, will not mail until

payment Clears and Post to our Bank Account. No exceptions.

Money Orders and Personal Checks must be made payable to Krista Smith.


Payment Mailing Address:


Marrs Communications

Attn: Krista Smith

17503 Cassina, Dr.

Spring Texas 77388






Contact Information:


Price Quotes

inquiries@marrscom. com


If you have trouble making a Purchase on this website

we will be happy to send you a PayPal Money Request for your Purchase.

Must Include: Your PayPal email address, Brand, Model Number,

Machine Type ( Cassette, R/R ) ect, And Quantity.


Priority Mail is our only shipping option.

This policy is in place so Tracking can be provided for your PayPal Protection.

This is a Requirement with PayPal.

The Flat Rate box provides Protection to the Belts from mail "Sorting Machines".


We do NOT make a Profit on Postage. We add $1.00 to cover our cost

of the Postage Shipping Labels, which we must purchase from the US Postal Service


USA Priority Flat Rate $10.75   ( up to 10 Kits )

Canada Priority Flat Rate $27.00   ( up to 10 Kits )

International Priority Flat Rate $39.95   ( up to 10 Kits )  Must take to Post Office




A Tracking Number is Provided on Every Order.

Buyers are responsible for Postal charges on Kits "Lost"  by the Postal Service,

Replacement kits due to the customer submitting incorrect / incomplete

Model information or Mailing Address.


Marrs Assumes No Responsibility for Custom Delay's or Charges "Due at Delivery".



Marrs belt products are manufactured and shipped Directly from Japan.

This is a O.E.M. Belt Factory.  ( Original Equipment Manufacturer )

What does this mean ?

They do not Sell Belts to Distributors, or the General Public.

This Factory provides Belts to Machine manufacturers Only.  ( O.E.M.'s )


Some O.E.M. Examples:


  Advent,  Aiwa,   Akai,   Alpine/Luxman,   Ampex,   Bang & Olufsen,   BIC,   C.E.C. (CEC),  Carver,   Craig,  

  Denon,  Dokorder,  Dual Brand Cassette,   Elac,   Esoteric,  Fostex,   Harman Kardon / Rabco,   Hitachi,

  JVC,   Kenwood,  Kyocera,  Marantz,   McIntosh,   Mission,   Mitsubishi,   NAD,   Nagra,   Nakamichi,

  Nikko,   Onkyo,   Otari,  Panasonic,   Philips,   Pioneer,   Proton,   Radio Shack / Realistic,   Revox, 

  Rotel,   S.A.E.,   Sansui,  Sankyo,   Sanyo,   Sharp,   Sony,   Sony Walkman,   Superscope,   Tandberg,

  Tascam,   Teac,   Technics,   Toshiba,   Yamaha,

Marrs FACTORY and Custom " D " Capstan Belt are * Performance Guaranteed

Factory Belts are Guaranteed to meet ANY Manufacturers published wow/flutter specifications

on YOUR machine IF, _ your transport has been fully serviced.


* Marrs is the ONLY Belt Supplier that makes this Guarantee !


Marrs Communications provides the Highest Quality Belts on Planet Earth, GUARANTEED

Marrs is your Only Source for Belts Manufactured in Japan.



                                     International Stocking Distributors Wanted


PayPal Requires a Tracking Number from all Sellers for Every Order Shipped, Domestic or International.

For Sellers to "Furnish a Tracking Number", International Orders Must be Shipped Priority.

Due to Outrageous U.S. International Priority Postage Rates, Marrs Communications is looking for

International Stocking Distributors.

Only One International Distributor will be selected for each Country.

All Sales for your Country will be Invoiced, Sold and Shipped by that Countries Distributor.

All Sales for your County are Protected. All orders received by Marrs Communications will be

forwarded to the Distributor for Billing and Shipping.

Selling Prices of our Products, will be left up to the Distributor of each Country. ( No Restrictions )

For information,

Contact Fred M.