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          Welcome to the Marrs Communications website. Please take a moment to read over our homepage before you begin shopping.  Here, we list detailed information for our customers that will provide you with important things to consider before placing your order, as well as any current or ongoing sales.

          Since 2007, Marrs has been a small, family owned business selling the finest quality factory belts with thousands of customers and friends worldwide.  Our factory capstan belts are custom made and come with a lifetime guarantee and are guaranteed to meet the wow/flutter specifications of your machine if it has been fully serviced.  If you can't find what you're looking for on our website, simply send us an email with your brand and model number and include any other detailed information and we'll look into it for you at no additional cost. We also have an extensive library of PDF service manuals which are available for purchase.

          Please remember that we work to process and ship orders as quickly as possible but, we are not in the office 24/7.  We take sick days, personal days, holidays and vacation days just like you.  And while we do occasionally work on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday are not considered normal business days for Marrs.  Most importantly, we are not eBay or Amazon, nor do we have hundreds of employees working in several departments, all functioning together to work on their specific part of processing and shipping orders.  We have 2 employees, working as quickly as they can to manage the operations of this business every single day.  That means that 2 day shipping rarely exists here.  Our ship times typically range between 7 to 10 business days.  Please consider these things when placing your order, as your patience will be necessary. With that being said, please do not email me and suggest that I hire more employees or explain to me how you think I should be running this business.  Employees cost money that we would rather spend on continuing to provide you with the highest quality belts available and we run this business to the absolute best of our capabilities for being only 2 people and human. We consider our customers our friends and we appreciate all of your business and continued support. It truly is an honor to continue growing within such a great community of people from around the world.  We thank you for being a part of that experience and we look forward to the opportunities to serve you again in the future.  Please scroll down for current discount offers and shipping information 

ATTENTION SERVICE CENTERS -Please contact us directly about shipping at

**Independence Sale!! Now thru July 31st save 10% on all cassette deck belt kits and CD player belt kits when you pay using Google Pay or Cash App!!**



We are currently experiencing delays due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Belt shipments from our suppliers are currently taking longer than expected which may directly affect order processing and delivery time.  We are working as quickly as we can to expedite orders.  We ask for your patience and understanding as these circumstances are beyond our control.  Thank you.  

Payment Options (U.S.)

USPS Flat Rate Priority Shipping - $10.75

      * Pay using GOOGLE PAY by sending your payment to  This option is simple to set up in your already active Google account.  

      * Pay using the CASH APP by sending your payment to my Cash App user name at $Pookieloublue. You can download this app for free on your tablet or smart phone and they even have a desktop user interface. Their service is 100% free. 

      * Pay with a personal check. Checks can be mailed or you can email a photo copy of the front and back of your filled out and signed check to  Navy Federal Credit Union enables us to deposit your check by sending photo copies through their app.  As always, orders paid for with a personal check receive a 20% discount. However, this method will exclude you from taking advantage of current sale discounts unless it is otherwise specified above in the sale announcements section. Personal checks must be made payable to Krista Smith and mailed to:

17503 Cassina Dr.

Spring, TX 77388


International Payment Options

USPS Flat Rate Priority Shipping (Canada) - $27.00

USPS Flat Rate Priority International Shipping - $39.95

      *Pay using Ria.  You can download their app for free on your smartphone or tablet or you can log on to their user friendly desktop interface.  Their fees for transferring money depend upon your location.  They will assign a tracking/reference number to your transaction which I will need to receive your payment.  Please email me the tracking number once your transaction is complete.  Please note that the amount I receive must be equal to your order total AFTER the exchange rate is calculated.  Do not forget to send me the tracking number for your transfer.  I will begin processing your order for shipping AFTER you have emailed me the tracking number and I have successfully received your payment.  Please scroll down for my recipient address as Ria will ask you for this information.

****Please note that for your safety, your transfer could be delayed by up to 24 banking business hours while Ria verifies your account information.  This is a security measure designed to help prevent fraud.****

****Please note that you will need my address when submitting your payment online with Ria.  Please use address listed below.****

Krista Smith

17503 Cassina Dr. 

Spring, TX 77388




       In an effort to help protect you from becoming a victim of internet scammers, Marrs Communications would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the security measures you can take to keep your information safe and protect you from fraud.  When making payments online for purchases or transferring money please remember the following: 

  • Always ask your seller for a price quote that includes the cost of the item(s), any applicable sales tax, the shipping charges from their location to yours, any discounts that may be available to you and an order total.  When possible, have the seller email you this information so you have something in writing that clearly states this information. 
  • Be aware of fraudulent websites. Scammers often create fraudulent websites with items available for purchase. Using your credit or debit card on these websites give the scammers access to your information so they can use it to make purchases.  Always make sure the web address you have entered is valid.  If it begins with "https" it means the site is secure and your personal information should be protected.  If you are still unsure, check the WHOIS website by clicking "link."  Link
  • Never send money to someone who emails you posing to be a government official or charity member asking for you to transfer them money or asking for your bank account information.  Instead, report these emails immediately to the appropriate agency in your area.  
  • Never respond to emails asking you to send gift cards in place of a monetary payment.  Even if you recognize the email address.  Scammers often use email phishing scams to pose as someone you know and will request that you send them a gift card (Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, etc.) in place of sending money. Once you send the gift card, the scammer has your money and it is almost impossible for it to be traced.  For more information on Phishing please visit the Federal Trade Commission website and click on the Privacy, Identity & Online Security tab on their homepage by clicking "link."  Link


** It is important that all of our customers take the time to read important information posted on our website regularly.  Regular updates posted on our website provide important and useful information to our customers and include things such as, increases/decreases in ship times, current offers and sales, contact information, ordering instructions, office closures for holidays or inclement weather and much more.  It is the customer's responsibility to read this publicly posted information.  Marrs Communications is not responsible for failure to read any and all information publicly posted on this website. **






Marrs Communications

Phone: 346-328-2106

Customer Ship Time

Within 7 to 10 Business Days

Business days are Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays)



Please follow the steps below to place your order.

Orders must be emailed to Krista at and MUST include the following:

* Your First and Last name

* Brand and Model number of your machine(s)

* Your shipping address

* Quantity of kits you wish to order


Please Note:

Marrs Communications stays very busy.

We serve over 2,500 customers worldwide.

We are a small family business with 2 employees. 

Please allow proper time for order shipping and email responses.