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Dear Customers and Friends, 

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post to inform you of Fred's passing.  For those who didn't know Fred, he was the founder and long time owner of Marrs and he was my dad.  Fred passed away peacefully in his sleep on Thursday, March 12, 2020 after a long battle with renal failure and bladder cancer.  I know that many of you were great friends with Fred, as well as valued customers.  I pray that we all find peace as we mourn the loss of such a great man.  Thank you to those of you who have reached out to offer your condolences and support to our family.  Fred will be cremated in Texas and then taken back to his hometown of Lexington, KY to his final resting place alongside his parents.  During this time, Marrs will still be accepting orders and responding to emails.  However, we ask that you understand there will be delays in both response emails and shipping as our family deals with this difficult loss.  Thank you in advance.  

Krista Smith & Family                                      

We now offer several different payment options.  Please read each one carefully. 

  • Pay using Stripe by requesting an invoice in your order email.  We will email you an invoice that can be paid online via credit or debit card or by a bank transfer of funds. 
  • Pay with Paypal.  Our Paypal order/email address is  Please note that when using this option Paypal holds your funds for 21 days before releasing them to us, UNLESS you log back in after placing your order and select "received".  We CANNOT ship your order until either you or Paypal release the funds to us.   Paypal claims this is their protocol for new accounts. Marrs Communications has absolutely no control over this.  
  • Pay using the Cash App.  This option provides you with the fastest service.  We simply send you a money request and you can pay it online via debit or credit card.  You can download the Cash App for free on your tablet or smartphone. Their service is 100% free. 
  • Pay by personal check.  Orders paid for with a personal check receive a 20% discount.  Checks MUST be made payable to Krista Smith. 


                                          MARRS COMMUNICATIONS  "Since 2007"

                                  Your Only Source for Belts Manufactured in JAPAN

                                     ALL BELTS INCLUDE A LIFETIME GUARANTEE


                                      WE KNOW "MORE" ABOUT TAPE DECK BELTS

                               MARRS IS ABOUT QUALITY, WE DO THE HARD STUFF


            Selling the Highest Quality Cassette, R/R, CD and DVD Player Belts, Since 2007

            All Belts Include a Lifetime Guarantee.

            The Highest Quality Belts Money can Buy Guaranteed

            Phone: 346-328-2106


            Marrs Communications "Exclusive" Lifetime Belt and Performance Guarantee

                        Factory Capstan Belts are Guaranteed to Meet any Brand of Cassette Deck

                            Manufacturers Published wow/flutter Specifications on Your Machine

                                                     IF, Your Transport is Fully Serviced.

                               The Performance Portion of the Guarantee is Limited to 10 Years.


                                        Largest Online Cassette Belt Inventory in the USA 



Receive 20% Discount (Factory Belts Included) and Priority Order Processing


                                        WE CURRENTLY ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS

                            ( 20% Discount when payment is made with Personal Check)

                         Personal checks MUST be made payable to Krista Smith and mailed to:

                                                                       17503 Cassina Dr.

                                                                       Spring, TX 77388


** It is important that all of our customers take the time to read important information posted on our website regularly.  Regular updates posted on our website provide important and useful information to our customers and include things such as, increases/decreases in ship times, current offers and sales, contact information, ordering instructions, office closures for holidays or due to inclement weather and much more.  It is the customer's responsibility to read this publicly posted information.  Marrs Communications is not responsible for failure to read any and all information publicly posted on this website. **


        Belt Kit Prices, All Brands.

             Lifetime Guarantee


Premium Single Belt Kits     $25.75  All Brands

Premium Double Belt Kits    $28.50  All Brands

Single Factory * Belt Kits       $43.50 or $49.50 All Brands  (Depends on Capstan Belt)

Double Factory * Belt Kits      $55.00  All Brands ( 2 Factory Capstan Belts )


 * Performance Guaranteed Factory Capstan Belts Only: $28.50 or $38.50 ea.

( * Guaranteed to meet any manufacturers published wow/flutter

specifications you You machine IF, your transport is fully serviced ).


CD and DVD Player Belt Kits  All Brands  $24.50

D.A.T. Player Belt Kits  All Brands $24.50

Phone: 346-328-2106





Marrs Communications

Phone: 346-328-2106

We now offer several ways to pay. Please see our Homepage for details. 


Customer Ship Time

Within 10 Business Days

Business days are Monday thru Friday


Ordering Process


Please follow the steps below to place your order.

Orders must be emailed to Krista and MUST include the following:

* Your First and Last name

* Brand and Model number of your machine(s)

* Your correct shipping address

* Quantity of kits you wish to purchase



Right now take advantage of flat rate priority shipping for $10.75 anywhere in the world. 

Marrs Must deliver International packages to the Post Office.


Demand 1st Class Mailing ?

1st Class Postage Risk

( We will consider mailing 1st Class International Mail, if You agree to all Risk involved, if Lost or Damaged by USPS !

When our competition ships your belt order by 1st Class mail, who is taking the Risk ? You !

Belts are damaged by the 1st Class "sorting machines" used by the postal system in the USA.

Does our competition offer to Replace your damaged Belts free of charge ? No.

Tracking Numbers for 1st Class mail in the United States, does not exist.


We use Flat Rate Priority Boxes, to protect the Belts and provide Tracking Numbers on all packages.

Does Marrs replace damaged belts you receive at No Cost including Shipping ? YES.


Marrs has been selling the Highest Quality Cassette, R/R, CD and DVD Player Belts, Since 2007

All Belts Made in Japan and Include a Lifetime Guarantee

The Highest Quality Belts Money can Buy.

Phone: 346-328-2106


Please Note:

Marrs Communications stays very Busy.

We Services over 1,300 Customers Worldwide.

We are a Family Business with 3 Employees.

Please allow proper time for all email replies.