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        The Picture Above Shows the Marrs Factory Capstan Belt on the Right,

        Compared to Other Sellers "Claimed" Factory Capstan Belt on the Left.


                                Made in Japan with a LIFETIME Guarantee

Phone: 346-328-2106


Factory " Performance " Guarantee


                       Aiwa Factory Belts are Guaranteed to Meet AIWA Published wow/flutter

                       Specifications on Your Machine _ IF, Your Transport is Fully Serviced.

                       The Performance Portion of the Guarantee is Limited to 10 Years.

                        Marrs is the Only Belt Supplier making this Guarantee



Aiwa " Dual Flywheel " Factory Capstan Belt Pairs

( 2 Factory Capstan Belts, required for each machine )


                                                                                                                   $55.00 ( Factory PAIR Capstan Belts )

                                                                                                                       Guaranteed wow/flutter Specs

AD-F   AD-F640,   AD-F660,   AD-F770,   AD-F780,   AD-F800,   AD-F810,

            AD-F850,   AD-F880,   AD-F910,   AD-F990,   AD-F1000u


AD-S  AD-S40,   AD-S50,   AD-S950


                                                                                                                    $55.00 ( Factory PAIR Capstan Belts )

                                                                                                                       Guaranteed wow/flutter Specs

XK       XK-005,   XK-007,   XK-009

XK-   XK-S7000,   XK-S9000


Aiwa Factory Customer Comments:

Your Factory belts are really amazing!

My Aiwa AD-F990 and XK-S9000 now sound perfect.



                                            AIWA PREMIUM BELTS KITS LIFETIME GUARANTEE



AD           AD-101,   AD-1200,   AD-1250u,   AD-1260,   AD-1500,


                AD-1600H,   AD-1800,   AD-3100,   AD-3150,   AD-3200u,


                AD-3300,   AD-3500H,   AD-3600,   AD-3700,   AD-3800,


                AD-6300,   AD-6350,   AD-6400,   AD-6450u,   AD-6500,


                AD-6550,   AD-6600u,   AD-6700,   AD-6800,   AD-6900,   AD-6900MKII



AD-A      AD-A70H  Double Cassette Belt Kit                                               $28.50 (Belts for Both Drives)




AD-F       AD-F10,   AD-F90M,   AD-F220,   AD-F250,   AD-F260,


                (AD-F330 / FX-70)   AD-F350,   AD-F360,   AD-F370,   AD-F410,


                 AD-F450,    AD-F470,   AD-F640,   AD-F660,   AD-F770,   AD-F780,


                AD-F800,   AD-F810,   AD-F850,   AD-F880,   AD-F910,


                AD-F990,   AD-F1000u


                                                                                       ( 2 Belts )                  $25.75  

AD-L       AD-L40,   AD-L50,   AD-L250,   AD-L300,   AD-L450



                                                                                       ( 2 Belts )                  $25.75

AD-M      AD-M600H,  AD-M700,  AD-M700B/BU,  AD-M700u

                AD-M800,  AD-M800B/BU



AD-R      AD-R30,   AD-R40,   AD-R450,   AD-R460,   AD-R470,

                AD-R500,   AD-R505C,   AD-R507,   AD-R550u,   AD-R560u,

                AD-R600,   AD-R650


AD-S     AD-S15,   AD-S37


AD-W      AD-W20u





                                                                                                             $28.50 (Belts for Both Drives)

AD-WX    AD-WX20,   AD-WX-110,   AD-WX180,   AD-WX200,


                  AD-WX220,   AD-WX333,   AD-WX505,   AD-WX515,


                  AD-WX707,   AD-WX717,   AD-WX727,   AD-WX777,


                  AD-WX808,   AD-WX828,   AD-WX888,   AD-WX909,


                  AD-WX929,   AD-WX999


FX-A        FX-A770  Double Cassette Belt Kit                                               $28.50 (Belts for Both Drives)




AIWA MUSIC CENTERS                                                                                 $28.50 Complete Kit


AF   AF-5300,   AF-5600




SINGLE DECK                                                                                                 $25.75

SD-L    SD-L22,   SD-L30,   SD-L50,   SD-L60,   SD-L80H




 AIWA COMPONENT and PORTABLE CASSETTE                                       $25.75


CA-DW     CA-DW300,   CA-DW400,   CA-DW500



Portable Double Cassette                                       Belts for Both Drives   $28.50


CA-W        CA-W50,   CA-W51,   CA-W54,   CA-W80,   CA-W82,   CA-W320


CA-WR      CA-WR360                                                                                     $28.50



CSD-A       CSD-A99,   CSD-A100,   CSD-A110,   CSD-A170       ( 1 Belt )   $25.75





CSD-MD    CSD-MD30,   CSD-MD50                                              ( 1 Belt )   $25.75





PORTABLE D.A.T.                                                                          ( 2 Belts )  $25.75

HDS         HDS-100,   HDS-200



AIWA WALKMAN BELTS                                                       ( 1 or 2 Belts)   $25.75  per Machine


HS      HS-F07,   HS-G08,   HS-G09,   HS-G500,   HS-G600

           HS-P02,   HS-P02MKII,   HS-P05,   HS-P07,

           HS-P08,   HS-P09,  

HS-T   HS-T101

HS-U   HS-U07



MINI COMPACT SYSTEMS                                                                                $28.50 Any Model


NSX           NSX-220,   NSX-320,   NSX-340,   NSX-345,   NSX-500                   


NSX-D       NSX-D3,   NSX-D5,   NSX-D7,   NSX-D9,   NSX-D55,   NSX-D77,


                  NSX-D603,   NSX-D606,   NSX-D707,   NSX-D737,   NSX-D858


NSX-F        NSX-F9,   NSX-F12,   NSX-F15,   NSX-F98,   NSX-F99   ( 8 Belts ) 


NSX-T       NSX-T9,   NSX-T76,   NSX-T77,      


NSX-V       NSX-V20,   NSX-V70    NSX-V71G


NSX-VC     NSX-VC18,   NSX-VC38,   NSX-VC88,



BOOMBOX                                                                                                       $25.75

TPR          TPR950,   TPR-968



AIWA REEL TO REEL:                      IF NOT LISTED BELOW           ( PLEASE INQUIRE ) 


TP      TP-1001,   TP-1012                                                 ( 4 or 5 Belts )       $25.75



Marrs Provides the FRESHEST, _ Highest QUALITY, _ Best FITTING Belts Available

from ANY Source, _ at ANY Price, __ GUARANTEED


Straight Talk,  Quality Belts,  1st Class Customer Service.




Marrs Communications

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