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                                                        SONY PREMIUM BELTS MADE IN JAPAN

                                                                    LIFETIME GUARANTEED



                                            Marrs Communications has Belts for Everything Sony !


                                                     LARGEST ONLINE INVENTORY IN THE USA

                                                       Don't see your Model Number ?  Just Ask






SONY Elcaset DECK BELT KITS                                                                    $26.75

EL-4,  EL-5,  EL-7,  EL-D8



PCM-R300 * (DTC-A6)                                                                                     $18.75 Single Belt

* (Timing Belt 3-368-417-01 N.L.A.)


                        Our Kits include the exact belts Specific to Your Brand and Model ONLY.



                                                         Premium Cassette Belt Kits                   $26.75


TC-       TC-38 (FH-3),   TC-44,    TC-45,    TC-48,    TC-55,    TC-60A,   TC-61,   TC-108 (FH-15R),


             TC-110A,    TC-110B,   TC-111,   TC-117,   TC-118 (FH-11),   TC-126/CS,    TC-127,


             TC-131SD,    TC-133CS,   TC-134SD,   TC-136SD,    TC-152SD,     TC-153SD,


             TC-158R (FH-15R),   TC-158SD,   TC-160,    TC-161SD,    TC-164SD,    TC-165SD, 


             TC-177SD,   TC-180,   TC-186SD,   TC-188SC,   TC-188SD,   TC-199SD,   TC-203SD,


             TC-204SD,   TC-206SD,   TC-229SD,   TC-520


                                                                                ( * TC-129A *  2 Belts $21.75 )



TC-C       TC-C5 / HX Pro,   TC-C44,   TC-C521                 (4 Belts)           $26.75


TC-EX     TC-EX66                                                               (3 Belts)           $23.25


TC-M       TC-M6,    TC-M27                                                 (2 Belts)           $21.75

                TC-M280B,   TC-M5000/EV                                 (4 Belts)            $26.75


TC-0    TC-05M                                                                     (2 Belts)           $21.75


TC-R   TC-R302,   TC-R502,   TC-R707                               (2 Belts)           $21.75


TCS     See Portable Cassette Section



                                                          FX Capstan Belt  Only                        $22.75


 TC-FX CAPSTAN     TC-FX66,   TC-FX77,   TC-FX510R,   TC-FX600  

                                    TC-FX705R,   TC-FX707R




                                   SONY PREMIUM BELTS LIFETIME GUARANTEE

                                                                MADE IN JAPAN



                                                                 Premium Kits                                 $26.75 


TC-FX    TC-FX2C,    TC-FX4C,    TC-FX5C,    TC-FX6C,    TC-FX7C,    TC-FX20,    TC-FX25,


               TC-FX30,    TC-FX33,    TC-FX35,    TC-FX44,    TC-FX45,    TC-FX66,   TC-FX77,   TC-FX100,


               TC-FX110,   TC-FX120,    TC-FX150,    TC-FX170,    TC-FX205,    TC-FX210,    TC-FX211,


               TC-FX220,   TC-FX310,    TC-FX311,    TC-FX320,    TC-FX400,    TC-FX420R,   TC-FX422R,


               TC-FX430,   TC-FX433,    TC-FX442R,   TC-FX455,   TC-FX500R,    TC-FX505R,    TC-FX520R, 


               TC-FX1010,    TC-FX2020,   TC-FX3030,    TC-FX4040,    TC-FX4060




                NEW ITEM                                                                                              NEW ITEM


Sony 3-576-812-00 Factory Capstan Belt Custom Made in Japan.

( Guaranteed to meet Sony Published wow/flutter Specifications on

YOUR machine IF, your transport is Fully Serviced )


TC-K      REQUIRES D-3s FACTORY CAPSTAN BELT                                       $41.00  D-3s ( Factory Capstan )

               FOR PROPER OPERATION.                                                                   (.200 x .018 )


               TC-K333ESG,   TC-K333ESR,   TC-K333ESX,   TC-K666ES,

               TC-K700ES,   TC-K730ES,   TC-K777ES,   TC-K777ESII





TC-      SINGLE DECKS COMPLETE KIT                                                    $26.75


                TC-K1A,    TC-K2A,    TC-K3,    TC-K3A,   TC-K4,    TC-K4A,    TC-K5,


                TC-K6,   TC-K6B,   TC-K7A/B,   TC-K7II,   TC-K7BII,   TC-K8/B,   TC-K15,


                TC-K22,   TC-K33,   TC-K35,   TC-K44,   TC-K45,   TC-K45M,   TC-K50,


                TC-K51,   TC-K55,   TC-K55-II,   TC-K60,   TC-K61,   TC-K65,   TC-K71,


                TC-K75,   TC-K77R,   TC-K80,   TC-K80II,   TC-K81,   TC-K84,   * TC-K88B,


                TC-K96R,   TC-K222ESG,   TC-K222ESL,   TC-K333ESG,   TC-K333ESR,  


                TC-K370,   TC-K390,   TC-K411S,   TC-K444ES,   TC-K444ESII,   TC-K470HX,   TC-K500S,


                TC-K510,   TC-K511S,   TC-K520,   TC-K555,   TC-K555ES,   TC-K555ESG,   TC-K555ESJ,


                TC-K555ESL,   TC-K561,   TC-K570,   TC-K611S,   TC-K611ES,   TC-K615S,


                TC-K620ES,   TC-K630,   TC-K630ES,   TC-K650ES,   TC-K670,   TC-K677ES, 


                TC-K679ES,   TC-K690ES,   TC-K707ES,   TC-K711ES,   TC-K715ES,


                TC-K717ES,   TC-K730ES,   TC-K750ES,   TC-K770ES,   TC-K790ES,   TC-K808ES,


                 TC-K815ES,   TC-K850ES,   TC-K870ES,   TC-K890ES,   TC-K909ES,


                 TC-K950ES,   TC-K970ES  


                * ( TC-K881 BELT  $14.25 )



TC-KA    SINGLE DECKS COMPLETE KIT                                                    $26.75


                TC-KA1ESA,   TC-KA2ES,   TC-KA3ES,   TC-KA5ES,   TC-KA6ES,   TC-KA7ES




                 TC-KE200ES,   TC-KE300ES,   TC-KE400ES,   TC-KE500ES,   TC-KE600ES



                              SONY PREMIUM KITS LIFETIME GUARANTEE


                                                                            COMPLETE KIT                   $26.75


TC-RX     TC-RX40ES,   TC-RX50ES,   TC-RX55ES,   TC-RX60ES,   TC-RX70ES,


                 TC-RX77ES,   TC-RX79ES,   TC-RX80ES,   TC-RX100AV,   TC-RX300,


                 TC-RX311,   TC-RX361,   TC-RX370,   TC-RX390,   TC-RX400,   TC-RX410,


                 TC-RX420,   TC-RX470,   TC-RX606ES,   TC-RX611ES



TC-S         TC-S3 Double,   TC-S7 Single,   TC-S9 Double,                           $22.25

                  TC-S450 Single



TC-U       TC-U2,   TC-U5,   TC-U30                                                                 $26.75


TC-V        TC-V7


                                           DOUBLE CASSETTE DECKS                  Belts for Both Decks



TC-W     *TC-W5,    *TC-W7R,    TC-W21,    TC-W27,    TC-W31,    TC-W32,   TC-W170,    TC-W190,


                TC-W200,    TC-W230,    TC-W233,    TC-W235,    TC-W250R,    TC-W255,    TC-W285,


                TC-W290,    TC-W295,    TC-W300,    TC-W301,    TC-W306,   TC-W310,    TC-W311,


                TC-W320S,    TC-W345,    TC-W350,   TC-W365,    TC-W370,    TC-W380,    TC-W390,


                TC-W411,    TC-W421,    TC-W435,    TC-W450R,   TC-W455,    TC-W490,    TC-W500R,


                TC-W501R,    TC-W502R,    TC-W511,   TC-W550,    TC-W551,    TC-W570,    TC-W606M


               ( *TC-W5,  TC-W7R Complete (2) Belt Kit )        $22.75



                                                           DOUBLE CASSETTE DECKS

                                                                                                                          Belts for Both Decks





TC-WE    TC-WE305S,    TC-WE405,    TC-WE425,    TC-WE435,    TC-WE471,


                 TC-WE475,    TC-WE505,    TC-WE525,   TC-WE605S,    TC-WE-625S,    TC-WE635S,


                 TC-WE675,   TC-WE705S,    TC-WE725S,    TC-WE805S,    TC-WE825S,






                                                               MADE IN JAPAN

                                                                                                                            Belts for BOTH Decks



TC-WR   TC-WR8ES,   TC-WR9ES,    TC-WR10ES,    TC-WR11ES,    TC-WR77ES,    TC-WR80ES,


                TC-WR87ES,    TC-WR90ES,    TC-WR97ES,    TC-WR99ES,    TC-WR350Z,   TC-WR445,


                TC-WR465,    TC-WR500,     TC-WR510,     TC-WR511,    TC-WR520,    TC-WR521,


                TC-WR535,    TC-WR545,    TC-WR550Z,    TC-WR565,    TC-WR570,    TC-WR590, 


                TC-WR601,    TC-WR620,    TC-WR635S,    TC-WR645S,    TC-WR661,    TC-WR665,


                TC-WR670,    TC-WR681,   TC-WR690,    TC-WR701ES,    TC-WR720ES,    TC-WR-730ES,


                TC-WR735,    TC-WR741ES,    TC-WR745S,   TC-WR750ES,   TC-WR765,    TC-WR770,


                TC-WR775,    TC-WR790ES,   TC-WR800ES,    TC-WR801ES,   TC-WR808,    TC-WR810,


                TC-WR820ES,    TC-WR870ES,    TC-WR875ES,    TC-WR901ES,    TC-WR930ES,


                TC-WR950,   TC-WR970ES,    TC-WR990ES



TXD          TXD-R11  CD / CASSETTE, COMBO                                             $25.25




SONY 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS                                            1 or 2 Belts    $22.75


TC     TC-8W,   TC-228SD,   TC-238,   TC-248


TD     TD-28,  TD-48, 


TDR  TDR-820,  TDR-830


MARRS, Provides the FRESHEST, _ Highest QUALITY, _ Best FITTING

Belts Available, from ANY Source, _ at ANY Price, _ GUARANTEED !

Straight Talk,  Quality Belts,  1st Class Customer Service.